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Monsoon Love!
30 July 2010

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Natural Chain
20 July 2010

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Team46 Racing
9 February 2010

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Standing Still
19 January 2010

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Hyderabad Bangles
17 January 2010

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Passing through clouds.
5 January 2010

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A painting in the sky
4 January 2010

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31 December 2009

Recent Comments

Mithun on Ending for a new Begining
Very nice shot, very rare color on the sky, well done

joshi daniel on Ending for a new Begining
nice ending with an element of hope!

RT Farty on Ending for a new Begining
Lovely sunset. I like the light ornage triangle shape that point towards the hill top

Fade ToBLACK on Ending for a new Begining

Mithun on Natural Chain
Wow, lovely shot

Mithun on Jog
Wow, Brilliant shot...

Chandramohan on Jog
Jog Falls in Karnataka is the highest plunge waterfall in India, formed by Sharavathi River

Becky on Jog
powerful water shot - excellent -

Shayna on Natural Chain
Great shot, really love this.

Zeveq on Natural Chain
nice :-)

Candid1 on Roof of the world
M A J E S T I C ! ! ! ! !

Maben Polanski on Roof of the world
Fun photo, breathtaking scenery!..

Joan Felix on A dusty Day
Excellent shot candid

Sandy Weston on A dusty Day
Wow....makes me really understand what you were going through!

Curly on A dusty Day
I think this just about illustrates the conditions perfectly.

Srujan Chennupati on Standing Still
Hyderabad!!! geeeeez....memories come back to me. Lovely shot!

Srujan Chennupati on A dusty Day
Superb and excellent capture.

Sandy Weston on Team46 Racing
Wonderful...exciting action shot you have here! ....burning out and leaving us in the dust! Nice one!

Garfield on Team46 Racing
Great timing and nicely framed, phew

Sandy Weston on Roof of the world
What an exciting photo!!!

Sandy Weston on Back yard
The processing you so wonderful it makes the whole photo stand out and look 3D!

Sandy Weston on Time to go home!
These photo looks 3D...especially the perfect!

joshi daniel on Roof of the world
amazingly beautiful!

DarkElf on Roof of the world
beautiful place! very nicely captured!

B. Thomas on Roof of the world
Wow, beautiful.

Tim on Country side
wonderful lighting and soft tones. wow. i like the silhouetting.

Self-Indulgence on Standing Still
Wonderfully framed and I like the gritty texture.

Charles Dastodd on Time to go home!
A very beautiful photo! It looks quite windy.

Self-Indulgence on Friendless
Majestic, overlooking all.

Chandramohan on Transperent
Thanks for your comments candid1.

Marlowe on A saffron seller on street
What a beautiful face ... so well photographed !

Chandramohan on A safron seller on street
Thanks for the comments friends... Curly, though this kid sell's saffron on streets, its expensive here too... ...

Curly on A safron seller on street
Great portrait, and he sells saffron on the streets? I'd love to know why it's so darned expensive here then!

mAnifesto on A safron seller on street
Yeh, I like it too

k@ on A safron seller on street
Superb portrait

Chubbee on A painting in the sky
beautiful clouds.

Candid1 on Transperent
Great use of Fstop. I'm glad I clicked on this and viewed the larger image for the thumb nail doesn't do it ...

Tim on Passing through clouds.
great tone and mood! well shot :)

mAnifesto on A painting in the sky
Great sky!

Joan Felix on In search of destination...
Whata beautiful Photo. and Hey Happy New Year !!!

Lambspun on Simplicity
Awesome the black and white!

Lambspun on Innocence
Is this a Great Pyrennee? What a cutie!!! I have always wanted one of these "big" guys! :)

Lambspun on Road to Heaven
This is totally gorgeous! And Heaven it is...... ;)

Curly on Road to Heaven
Breathtaking landscape photography, very inspiring.

MARIANA on Road to Heaven
beautiful landscape !

joshi daniel on Road to Heaven
so heavenly!

Joan Felix on Road to Heaven
Perfect BW... Merry Christmas.. Greetings from jakarta

Self-Indulgence on Road to Heaven
A road to enlightenment.. wonderful.

Alan on Ant
This is like taking a peek into a microscope. Nice one.

zahra on Introverted
great,very nice.

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